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Xelera looks to incorporate innovation, technology and performance as part of its products and services to our customer base. We achieve this through the custom blending of chemical products that are manufactured to meet your specific needs and operating conditions. We don’t use the one size fits all approach. We also work to incorporate new and high performing Green Technologies in our product portfolio to reduce our environmental impact and enhance work environment health and safety.

With all of our products and services, the final criteria is performance and we understand that performance comes not just from the products but from the integration of the feed and control equipment with Cloud Based management tools. With eService we are able to provide 24/7 integration tools to monitor our regular service program, your operator logs, laboratory analysis, inventory management, inspection reports, and Material Safety Data Sheets. In addition we can include control systems such as Walchem controllers to automatically report in real-time control and management data. This allows our customers to analyze trends, bench mark performance and achieve desired results with less effort.

We also work with our business partners to develop new and effective ways to improve performance and achieve real cost savings.

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