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Control Systems

Xelera understands the variations your system can experience from load, normal rotation, seasonal variations, new regulations and other factors that apply to your facility. For this reason we focus on control and management of the system with a broad approach that provides benchmark monitoring and results for our customers.

  • Manual Monitoring and Testing – By integrating your operator's testing and Xelera tech service personnel's in-plant testing, we are able to provide the hands on manual monitor oversight that insures product performance and responsivenesse to changing conditions.

  • Continuous Monitoring – We use the latest technologies from leading equipment and control suppliers and integrate these resources in the monitoring process to provide additional reliability.

  • Inspections and Laboratory – Xelera personnel provide a broad range of additional benchmarking on the performance of our products. These benchmarks include such tools as fiber optic inspections, video inspections, corrosion coupons, corrators, deposit monitor systems and laboratory testing. These methods provide additional tools to insure maximum performance and control.

  • eService – Through the integration of all of the above components into one web based control center custom designed for your facility, Xelera is able to provide the tools to analyze, benchmark and evaluate performance in real time.

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