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Chemical Management is more than shipping customers drums of chemicals. At Xelera the equipment for system monitoring, chemical feed and chemical storage are key elements to the total management approach of water treatment for your facility. From the pre-treatment (filters, softeners, ultrafiltration or reverse osmosis) of your incoming water to the management of chemicals including storage and feed controls, Xelera provides custom solutions to meet your process needs.

Our engineering staff can design equipment for specific treatment applications. We can design ways to provide hands-free treatment feed for chemicals and solid chemical feed systems Using advanced ion-specific treatment control equipment we can precisely maintain chemical levels where exact inhibitor control is critical.

Our equipment selection for your systems is geared toward efficiency, worker safety, environmental concerns and reduction of overall treatment costs.

By utilizing our equipment partners Xelera provides a complete line of control and monitoring tools that allows our customers to monitor and manage their water treatment systems with improved efficiency and reliability. From a simple conductivity sensor for your cooling tower to multipoint systems for today’s manufacturing environment, Xelera can provide a broad range of products to meet your needs including:

  • Conductivity monitoring
  • pH control and monitoring
  • ORP monitoring and biocide management
  • Corrosion monitors
  • Chlorine and bromine sensors
  • High purity water sensors and controls

Your personnel is able to access the data directly from the control system or monitor and review with eService control equipment management. This unique tool provides 24/7 access to your controllers from any web browser including life view, data download and report generation.

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