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Xelera eService is the water treatment industry’s leading online reporting Software as a Service (SaaS). By using a cloud-based design, eServiceReport allows our customers and Xelera service personnel to integrate the daily logs, service reports, inspection reports, lab results, inventory, MSDS and controller data in one location. This integration provides a more efficient way to manage your water treatment.

Xelera eService data is stored on redundant servers which are backed up incrementally and housed in a state-of-the-art data hosting facility with multiple fail-safes in place. In addition to protecting against data loss and ensuring 99.9% site uptime, Xelera eServiceReport meets the data hosting requirements for end customers with sensitive data such as defense and technology manufacturers or government agencies.

By integrating the data in a secure environment our customers are able to see real time conditions of their water treatment systems.


See Xelera service reports or your operator’s logs. (Enter service report here using copied just for placeholder).


Graph results to view conditions that may impact performance and provide cost savings.


Many items can either be pre-configured as templates or graphed with only a few clicks of the mouse. Need to use your data outside of eServiceReport? Many of our graphing tools allow the user to export their data in PDF, CSV, or Excel file formats.
With Xelera eService communication of data is built in. Your information can be sent or shared with others with the click of a mouse.
Contact us to schedule an interactive webinar to allow your company to experience eServiceReport firsthand.

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