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Xelera personnel have many years of experience and brings a wealth of knowledge to your water treatment program. We utilize the broad reach and technologies, as well as in-house expertise to provide the most cost effective treatment program in the market place. Our capabilities include:

  • Water Pretreatment and Purification
  • Boiler Water Treatment and Systems
  • Cooling Water Treatment and Systems
  • Process Water Treatment and Systems

Water Treatment and Purification

Water is the heart of your process. Without a good reliable water source to meet your operation's needs the process efficiency will suffer resulting in increased cost and down time. For this reason Xelera works with you on developing the pretreatment and purification program to produce the water quality required for your operation. Systems include:

  • Clarification Systems and Programs
  • Filtration Systems
  • Water Softeners
  • Ultra-filtration and Reverse Osmosis
  • Ion Exchange and Ultra-Pure Systems
  • Process Water Treatment and Systems
  • Waste Water Treatment and Systems
  • Water Recyclinge Systems

Bolier Water Treatment and Systems

Xelera has a full line of boiler water treatment products including chemicals, feed, monitoring systems and testing products. Our offerings include low pressure boilers, high pressure boilers and hot water loop boilers. For boilers Xelera provides Green Technology from TGWT, which utilizes purified tannin (a 100% non-hazardous material), which allows for higher cycles of concentration without scaling or carry over issues. We provide products and equipment for:

  • Feedwater Treatment
  • Internal Boiler Treatment
  • Steam and Condensate Treatment
  • Hot Water Boiler Treatment

The products are designed to maintain clean heating surfaces and minimize corrosion.

Cooling Water Treatment and Systems

Xelera understands that a one size fits all water treatment plan for cooling towers does not meet the demands today's systems are encountering. With variations in makeup water source, metallurgy, skin temperature, loads, flow rates and personnel experience a treatment program must be custom made for the system to control scale, fouling, corrosion and biological problems. A custom program results in maximum operating efficiency, lower water consumption and longer system life. Additionally, by utilizing Xelera Green Technology like our EnduroSolv® dry solids or TGWT tannin a safer work environment is achieved. Our product line includes treatment and equipment for:

  • Open Recirculating Cooling Towers
  • Once-through Cooling
  • Closed Loop Systems

Process Water Treatment and Systems

Xelera understands the many facets in a manufacturing environment which may include special process applications to enhance safety, compliance and process flow. These includes dust control, sanitation, disinfection, odor control and ash pond treatment. With a broad range of products for these applications, Xelera is ready to address the needs of specific industries.

Waste Water

Xelera understands that your industry has unique waste water treatment requirements. For industries such as automotive, food and beverage, mining, steel manufacturing, power industry, metal process and pulp and paper, Xelera provides a custom approach using a broad range of treatment methods. The products include organic and inorganic products designed for:

  • Coagulation and Flocculation
  • Foam Control
  • Oil and Water Separation
  • Heavy Metal Removal and Capturing for Recyclinge
  • Odor Control
  • Water Recapture and Post Treatment

Water Recycling and Reuse

Today's plants are expected to be good stewards of the environment. They are expected to reduce pollution, reduce waste disposal and reduce environmental impact. Water reclamation is major part of this process and by recycling water the process can become a cost savings by using the gray or waste water as a new source of influent. By developing a comprehensive program of waste water treatment to reduce suspended and dissolved solids, metals, organics and other constituents, Xelera can provide savings in water and sewer costs plus an environmental friendly program.

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